USG Tufstone™ Gypsum Cement



  • Designed for solid casting; ideal for giftware applications
  • Formulated with fibers – withstands three times the impact resistance of standard plaster materials
  • Excellent chip resistance
  • Compatible with numerous color pigments


USG Tufstone™ Gypsum Cement is uniquely formulated with fibers to withstand three times the impact resistance of standard plaster materials. USG Tufstone Gypsum Cement is designed for solid casting and is ideal for giftware applications. USG Tufstone Gypsum Cement has excellent resilience and chip resistance and is compatible with numerous color pigments.

Normal Consistency (lbs. water/100 lbs. product) 31
Dry Compressive Strength 10,000 psi

Product Comparison Chart
IG1378 USG Tufstone Gypsum Cement Submittal
USG Tufstone™ Gypsum Cement SDS (English) - 52000000020

United States Gypsum Company Limited Warranty


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